South-West Route

Athens – AeginaMethanaPorosHydraErmioni – Epidaurus – Athens

We recommend at least 7 days for this route if you want to fully experience the islands and the beauty of nature.

     During the moves between the islands, you can do fishing, so called "trolling". Often our guests fish up tuna which can be cooked right on the spot – in the kitchen. The moves between the islands usually take from two to three hours, so you'll have plenty of time to explore the sights and attractions of the islands.

This route with no strong winds or waves, so it fits perfectly for novice tourists.

So, a bit of details about the islands and towns you are going to visit:


    An island with a very rich history. In the middle of XX century the island had around 300 churches, but unfortunately only 34 of them have left by now.

    On the island you can try a variety of dishes and sweets made of pistachios: ice cream, marmalade, jam and many more.

    Aegina also has several ancient temples: temple of Apollo (VI century BC), temple of Aphaea (around V century BC). Also, there is a beautiful Monastery of saint Nektarios located right next to the port.

Monastery of saint Nektarios
Temple of Aphaea
View to Monastery of saint Nektarios
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     A resort town on Peloponnese peninsula. Its natural geo thermal hot springs have been known since III century BC (!). Due to the still ongoing activity of Methana volcano there are a number of hot springs and wells that attract tourists from all around the world.

     This is the place for those who would want to improve their health and relax.

View on the hot spring
Behind the peninsula you can swim in crystal and chill water.
Methana at night
Sulphur hot springs
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     Another island with rich history. Poros considered to be the habitation of the sea god Poseidon, in whose honor the temple was erected. Unfortunately up to now the temple is preserved only in the form of ruins. Taking advantage of the right to asylum, in the IV century BC in the temple hid the famous philosopher and orator Demosthenes. He was hiding from assassins sent by the governor Antipater, for his calls to fight against the Macedonians and the protection of the Athenian freedom. Not wanting to give in in the hands of assassins alive, Demosthenes took poison right in the temple.
     During the Russian-Turkish war, the island had a large Russian naval base, the ruins of which can still be seen near the town Neorio.

Bay view
Poros at night
Ruins of Poseidon temple
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     One of the most famous islands of Saronic gulf. There are no cars on the island so everyone is getting around by horses, donkeys or bicycles. The famous port of Hydra is located around the harbor in the shape of a crescent. Many restaurants, cafes and bars are happy to offer you different sea delicacies.
     We can pick out the following attractions of the island: the bastions with guns at the entrance to the port, various churches and monasteries (Monastery of the Assumption, the Ascension Monastery of the Virgin Mary (XVII century), Church of St. Constantine and others), museums, monuments. Even the most demanding tourist will find something on his taste.

Monument to Admiral Miaoulis
Бронзовый памятник адмиралу Миаулису
Николаос Колманиатис Георгиу
Греко-аргентинский моряк, известный капитан ВМФ Аргентины и полковник аргентинской армии, участник войны за независимость Аргентины, гражданских войн Аргентины и войны с Бразилией.
Bastion with guns
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     Ermioni city is one of the most picturesque cities in the Peloponnesus. Many family restaurants and taverns are opened to tourists. Magnificent beaches Burloto, Kuvertas, Madera will bring you a lot of positive impressions. Ermioni is famous for its sea food, so be sure to try it! The beautiful pine reserve "Limnokastro Fermisias" is spread out nearby.

Порт Эрмиони
Ужин на закате
Сосновый заповедник
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     The main attraction of the city - the ancient complex Asklepion. The main part of the complex is the ancient theater for 14 thousand seats, that was built in IV century BC. Ancient Greeks believed that the power of art heals better than medicine. Theatrical performances aroused the audience awe, elation or fear, and as a result - purification (catharsis). Beautifully preserved theater allows us to estimate the genius of the ancient masters: a whisper from the stage can be heard even in the upper seats.

Kalamaki beach
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