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Ocean Star 51.2 5 cab yacht at your service. There are 4 roomy cabins and 4 bathrooms (+1 cab and 1 bathroom for the Skipper). Also, 4 showers + 1 on the deck. Spacious messroom will accommodate you and all your friends, so bring them aboard! The messroom also has a full kitchen and a fridge, which will take care of your beer and wine while your are sunbathing or sweaming.

A couple dry facts:

  • Stunning ocean view :-)

  • 8 guests can comfortably sleepover

  • Almost 16m/51.2ft in length

  • 4.6m/15ft in width

  • 8 knots max speed


       A yacht "Anastasia's"  brother. Ocean Star 51.2 (5 cab) at your service. There are 4 cabins on the yacht for the guests: two cabins have double beds and the other two have double bed + 1 bed above. Each cabin has a toilet and a shower, there is another shower on the deck. So you can wash away the sea water as soon as you get out of the water. The deck shower has hot water! The crew has their own cabin with all amenities, so they will not disturb the guests.

         A very spacious mess room, that has cozy leather couches, a big common table and the kitchen, will become an amazing place to spend time with your friends and loved ones (so don't forget to call them on board!) The kitchen has a fridge and a freezer, so you can stack up with food for your trip. Also the fridge will keep your beverages cold while you are sunbathing and swimming.

Few facts about the boat:

  • Accommodates  up to 8 guests (+ 2 crew members);

  • 51.2 ft in length (~16m);

  • Max cruising speed is 8 knots (may be higher with the wind);

  • Has electricity and solar panels.


     Lavezzi 40 is a catamaran that was manufactured at a French  Fountaine Pajot wharf. Lavezzi has a classic interior of catamarns of his class. It has comfortable and spacious cabins, that are even bigger then the cabins of other catamarans of the similar class, also it has a big and well lit master cabin with a huge table. The master cabin has a comfortable sofa, closets a spacious bathroom with a shower cabin.

     The catamaran has 4 cabins for the guests, each cabin has a double bed. Two of the 4 cabins have extra beds for kids. There are also two showers and two toilets on the vessel plus and extra shower on the deck. 

     The vast mess-room with leather couches a big table and the kitchen will be an amazing place for you and your friend to hang out. Up to eight people can comfortable sit in the mess room.


         A beautiful launch for Italian engineers of Mangusta company. The launch was completely remodeled in 2016 so it won't dissapoint even a very demanding guest.

  The launch equipped with two 16V2000M90 ARNESON DRIVES diesel engines, which give 1862 HP in total. There is also a diesel generator that consumes 150 litres of fuel in a day. The generator allows guests to use any kind of electrical device on the board.

   The cruise speed is around 35 knots, at that speed the launch consumes 600 litres of fuel per day.




   Sun Odyssey 12 is a 12 meters yacht from a French company Jeanneau. The yacht has 3 cabins for guests, 2 at the back and one at the front of the boat. The pretty spacious mess-room offers leather couches and a mini kitchen to the guests.

Few facts about the boat:

  • Can accommodate up to 6 guests;

  • 12 meters in length and 3.7 meters in width;

  • Max cruising speed is 6 knots;

  • Has electricity



   Bavaria is a small but cozy yacht. It suits perfectly for not a big company or for individuals that seek seclusion. The yacht has 2 cabins for the guests.

    The compact mess-room has everything you would need: leather couches, mini kitchen.

Few facts about the boat:

  • Accommodates up to 5 guests + skipper

  • 9.7 meters in length;

  • Max cruising speed is 7 knots;

  • Has electricity.


By renting a yacht, you can save a lot on transportation and lodging in Greece. There are so much to see, so many islands to visit so you can spend thousands on flights and hotels. Renting a yacht solves all these problems.


We are pretty sure you've traveled a lot already. You know that usually you rent a hotel room and rent a car to get around. But can you imagine that your car and your hotel room is one? This is such an amazing feeling of freedome to travel without worrying about hotels and cars, everything is included.

YACHT "ARGO" (Atlantic)


   The yacht is a 15 meters yacht from a Netherlands company Atlantic. The yacht has 4 cabins for guests and 4 bathrooms. The yacht was completely remodeled in 2016, so it's ready for new guests. The pretty spacious mess-room offers leather couches and a mini kitchen to the guests.

Few facts about the boat:

  • Can accommodate up to 8 guests;

  • 12 meters in length;

  • Max cruising speed is 6 knots;

  • Has electricity

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